Thursday, May 29, 2014

I want stuff. they want stuff. Sometimes its hard to find my non-stuffy stuff.

As a entrepreneur, I want to let you know that there is a lot of stuff.

Here's some stuff you will need if you choose to start a business:

Time. Lots of time.
Patience. Lord, working with government agencies can be challenging.
Resources. Yes folks, I am talking about da cheddar. (But you have to say it gangsta... Chedda... My husband read it totally dorky!... as if me writing "chedda" isn't dorky enough- okay we will call it even on the dork scale.)
& Encouragement from your favorite people.

Smile. You got this stuff!

First off this week, The bank gave me a task to break up my existing business plan into 4 separate plans. As if working on the initial document wasn't time consuming enough.

Then the Small Business Development Center sent me a 15 page deli/ restaurant PRE-OPENING CHECKLIST to "help" in my process of knowing all the stuff I need to do.

I am blogging because this is mind numbing work. It is VERY important, but I am getting slightly overwhelmed with the shear volume of STUFF.

Distributors/ Suppliers- You are too funny. No one wants to give you the prices of stuff unless you are placing an order that day. Do you not want business?   I get it, I have worked in the manufacturing/ wholesale industry for the last 6 years, but come on people. I can't order cases of Amaretti di Saronno cookies, if I am in the middle of a remodel & opening next year.  I need pricing. I understand that pricing is "subject to change" but for the sake of mindful, cash flow forecasting, give me something!- end Rant.

shift gears...

So far, some cool products I must carry are:

Govino Shatterproof 16oz wine glasses with no slip thumb groove
PacknWood Bamboo utensils 

Stonewall Kitchen's Roasted Apple Grill Sauce 

I've been able to find suppliers and pricing for these treasures. The trouble lies in the fact that I'm really trying to be mindful in this process. Products supplied from Costco or Cash& Carry would be SO much easier... But that is too "normal" for this Mommapenerur! 

Steph. not stuff.


  1. That's the stuff. Keep it goin'...

  2. Stuff stuff and more stuff...I can't wait to check out all the stuff you're gonna have in that place! You go girl! Love ya!