Saturday, November 22, 2014

Menu development in progress...

So much for Weight Watchers this week!

We had fresh, homemade lasagna.
Biscotti from The Art of Crunch Biscotti-

-me, working in the kitchen-

Yes, that is a 27# Prime Rib...

Truck full of supplies

SampleTime!! Chef Betty Ann Curry is amazing.

Time to blend the Harbor General Store Espresso with some dear friends at Cutters Point! Our Espresso is an 'Ohana Harbor Coffee Company Blend (naturally😉). Kona of coarse!

Our flavor Profile is rich, sweet with a smokey finish. I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out!

Thanks for your time,

Saturday, October 25, 2014

****buying and cooking****

We are shopping and cooking. First off we are testing our crossiant recipe... They are so delicious! 

Then, we went shopping to pick up a few hand towels, shot glasses, wine markers and awesome 25 hour wine bottles (I filled mine with hot coffee, left it in the car overnight and in the morning it was still steaming😳). 

Tonight, I was playing with the torch and made some pretty delicious creme brûlée. Top secret House recipe! Look how huges these bowls are, the boys will be bouncing off the walls.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"So, how is the store coming along?"

"How is the store coming?"
This question I get asked almost every single day. Especially this last weekend at the Gig Harbor Wine & Food Festival (which can I just say was totally awesome fun-ness). I always think to myself whether or not I should say what I really have been up to because the behind the scene stuff can be kind of mind dumbing.  Nobody wants to hear about the little things that happen day to day that contribute to the overall journey.
-Applied for a liquor license.
-Researched POS equipment. 
-Compared shelving/displays. 
-Visited a suppliers warehouse. 
-Opened the bank account. 
-Talk to the Washington State Department of Agriculture/Liquor Control Board/ Business Licensing.

This is what I've been up to all while keeping my day job. 
Here I am at Real Foods!
I love samples. I have learned so much about food, and preparation of food. Who would have known that ONE factory does private labeling for so many stores… at almost ruined the culinary magic for me, almost. 
Next stop, Charlie's Produce. Huge selection of Organic Produce, which I am THRILLED about!

Today however was different. Today I got some excellent news. I received a letter in the mail from the hearings examiner from the City of Gig Harbor that granting me permission for the conditional use permit (drive thru) and acceptance regarding the non conforming structure and the Major Site Plan review was well, reviewed?! and we can now move forward and submit building plans. TODAY WAS HUGE! 

Here are some renderings of what the Design Review Board and Hearing Examiner are supporting.

Backside. Drive thru.

Here's me celebrating the news with a mug of wine! 
Thanks for all the support and encouragement, and I hope next time I get asked about "how the store is coming" I can give you some more exciting updates. 


Friday, June 20, 2014

Painting the yellow brick walls

Design Review Board? Check!
The city of Gig Harbor design Review Board accepted the proposed changes to paint the exterior brick of the store. You maybe asking yourself, so what? Well if you are fluent in the Gig Harbor municipal code you would know that the painting or staining of brick is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! So we were asked to present our case to a Design Review board. The board gave us lots of great feed back and voted for the proposed change. Now, next up is the hearings examiner and conditional use permit.